Why choose Clicker Gundog?

  • Gundogs have inherited specialised skills that have been honed over hundreds of generations. Clicker Gundog will help you to take this natural skill, enhance it and use it to enrich a working partnership that is a joy to experience.
  • Good fieldwork is built on an understanding of the dog’s ability to maintain control and the handler’s ability to understand this and the environment. With Clicker Gundog the focus is on learning how to develop a partnership using reinforcement strategies, and how to use careful planning so that you build a high level of control that exceeds the stimuli of the hunt and shoot.
  • Clicker Gundog students can sign up for a range of courses, workshops and seminars all of which have been designed to help teach these essential skills to both the handler and the dog. The seminars and workshops are held at a training facility that has been developed especially for the purpose and incorporates a working shoot so that both dogs and handlers new to the sport can experience what a shoot is all about, and those with experience can then practice their skill in the working environment.
  • We make training your dog enjoyable

Clicker train your gundog and develop the perfect partnership using positive reinforcement training.

Group and Individual

We offer a wide variety of different courses suitable for all levels of skill and experience.


Our week long training camps run over the summer and winter months.

Gundog Club Grades

We help people train their gundogs through the non-competitive Graded Training Scheme.

Shoot Over Experiences

Available from October throughout the shooting season, our shoot over experiences are based on rough shooting.

Join our Facebook community group.

The Clicker Gundog Facebook group has been set up to provide gundog trainers with a place to discuss the strategies, techniques and application of clicker training for working, sport, competition and hobby gundogs. The Clicker Gundog group is open to all types of gundogs, training in all types of fieldwork from retrievers to HPRs. It is also open to all who have an interest in gundogs, clicker training and teaching.