Online Puppy Graduate Course

Suitable for puppies and young dogs who have completed the Online Puppy Course.

9th May  
16th May  
23rd May  
6th June  
20th June  
27th June  

Time 10:15 am to 11:15am

Location: this online class will be held via Zoom. On booking, further information will be given.

Places are limited to 5 handler slots and 5 spectator slots.

This course is suitable for puppies and young dogs who have completed the Online Puppy Course and who are not ready to join the Sunday Foundations for Gundogs Group Sessions or would like to continue with weekly training alongside these monthly sessions.  

This online at home continuing training will prepare them and you for joining a group class outside.

This will give your puppy a great start in the foundation behaviours required for gundog training and sharpen your clicker training skills ready for coming to a group class.  

This course complements the in-person Foundations for Gundogs course on Sunday Mornings.  

Continue with your puppy as you mean to go on….  

Your tutor for this course is Lynsey Moss. Lynsey has many years' experience training her own dogs, two Springer Spaniels. She has also trained with Helen for a number of years, successfully achieving the Canine Training & Behaviour qualification from Warwickshire college. She is now currently doing a degree in Vet Physio at the same college. Lynsey has a wide knowledge of working with dogs and is currently running her own puppy classes.  

The Course Curriculum will provide progression in the following to a finished behaviour and the addition of cues:
•Lie Down  
•Hand Target  
•Response to Name / Reorientation to Handler  
•Verbal and Whistle Cues: Recall, Turn, Close Hunting Whistle & Stop  
•Play – Various  
•Off lead Walking – Connection  
•Food Manners – Self Control/Treat Delivery  
•Heel Position  
•Heel Work (Loose Lead and Off Lead)  
•Go round  
•Place board  

Course Pricing

  • Handler and Dog
  • £90

    for the 6 week course

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