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Pointer and HPR Training

Ideal for those who have begun basic training and would like to progress further with their HPR.

10am to 1pm  

Location: Charlton, Worcestershire, WR10 3LH.

This program is for handlers who wish to learn more about how to train their pointer or HPR and how to progress their gundog's training.  

It is ideal for those who have begun basic training in other workshops and sessions using clicker training and would like to progress further.  

This course is open to all pointer and HPR breeds over the age of 6 months old.  

The program includes learning the strategies to hunt, exploring marks, memories, and blind retrieves, including directions. All aspects of steadiness will be covered. We will also look at learning to manage arousal and impulse control and exposure to and/or managing arousal with shot.  

There will be sessions focused on swimming and retrieving from water.  You will also learn all about reinforcement strategies, how to incorporate play as a powerful reinforcer into your training plans, also explore the use of alternative reinforcers during training, how to fully utilise targets and fade them when appropriate, develop the stop whistle and recall.  

The tasks will be set to meet the needs of the participants. A fun task-based program for you and your dog. To get the best from this program a basic retrieve is recommended although it does not have to be finished.

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