Absolutely! Gundog training is a great way to establish and build a wonderful working relationship with your dog. Lots of people enjoy gundog training as a hobby and just use it as an opportunity to allow their dogs to use their natural, instinctive talents, such as hunting, chasing and retrieving, in a controlled way. 

The training centre is situated at Clicker Gundog Training Centre, Ryden Lane,  Charlton, Worcestershire, WR10 3LH

Follow Ryden Lane from the village drive past Whitehouse Farm on the left, through the national speed limit sign on the right hand side, then take the first track on the left. You will see the Clicker Gundog sign on the left. Drive down this track to the end and the entrance to the centre is on the right hand side. Drive through the gates (these maybe closed - please close them again if they are) and park in the car park outside the centre building on the right.  

Please leave your dog in the car until I come to meet you as there may be another session taking place on your arrival.

Toilet facilities are located in the building which will be open on arrival. If you have an early appointment and you arrive early then the gate and toilet will still be locked.

There is a very good dog friendly pub in the village of Charlton called the Gardners Arms. They are open for lunch and supper, Sunday Lunch is recommended but it is advisable to book.

Please bring with you a large quantity of high value treats, something that your dog would not normally have as a meal, e.g cheese, sausage, cooked heart, liver, dried fish, garlic sausage, or chicken. Please chop a portion quite big that will easily be found in the grass.

You will also eventually need a clicker, flat collar and 6ft long training lead, a limited slip lead, whistle, tug type toy or ball on a rope, standard dummy, treat bag (please no plastic bags in your pockets). If you have been using a target then please bring this. A game bag might be useful for your kit. All items are available in the shop if you have difficulty finding what you need or we can advise suitable online suppliers.

A coat for your dog at rest time might be useful and a towel to dry them just in case we get to water work or it is raining. In the summer there is limited shade so you will need to bring something to cover the car although the dogs will not be expected to spend long periods in there.

You will need suitable clothing for working outside if it's an all day workshop, bring lots of layers as it can be cold at lunch time. You will also need waterproof footwear.

Refreshments will be provided throughout the day both hot and cold but you will need to bring your own lunch if it’s an all day workshop. There are facilities including a microwave, toaster and fridge.

Ideally you should email as soon as you are aware you will be unable to make it. No refunds or transfers will be given for cancellation, non-attendance at, or non-completion of, any training session or class by the client. Payment is non refundable, returnable or transferable.

Please do not bring a sick or injured dog or a bitch in seasons to class. We encourage you to still attend on your own as most of the learning can be done without the dog present.