"Thank you for your advice on Lettys attention barking. It’s now been a month of doing nothing except walks and grooming and in the last few days to a week I think we have had a break through. Now to figure out how to add training sessions into our day without going backwards. A month has set us back with general training but hopefully if I can successfully introduce training back as something we do we can catch up!" - Charlotte

"Since our visit to you, Lyra has gone from strength to strength. We are absolutely loving life outside together, thanks to the amazing techniques that you gave us. She is now able to enjoy working for food reinforcement at any level of arousal and absolutely loves some quick and limited chases on her ball, which we are now using in a way that provides a genuine alternative reinforcer. We are also now able to be off lead in forests!!

  We bumble at all times when she is off lead, which she loves, and have completely changed our expectations of what a good walk looks like. The focus is now on us getting out and exploring an environment together. The giving of actual cues are really rare unless we are training and she I think we keep nagging down to a minimum.   We are running, but we play ‘walk by my side’ game off lead and maintain pulling on the harness when she goes back on. Which she has grasped amazingly and doesn’t seem to get confused between the different expectations of her in those scenarios.  

So all in all, we have the dog we wanted to have, just as she has turned 18 months old. I just wanted to thank you as we so commonly talk about the difference to life with Lyra that you have made and what an amazing two hours that was!" - Claire

"The training was pitched at the level of the individual dogs and handler and so I did not feel out of place with my inexperienced dog.  I had good feedback and a plan to move forward in my training. It has certainly inspired me to pursue her training and I will certainly return for more courses as we gain experience. Thanks for a great week." - Pam after attending Spring Camp 2022